Our Sponsors

WFoA efforts and initiatives are made possible by the generous contributions of our WFoA Leaders Council members. Their gifts enable findings from our collaborations to add to a publicly available body of knowledge.

We are grateful to all of our current and past financial supporters who enable us to pursue our mission and act as a global catalyst for a more desirable future.

In addition, contributors are recognized by Dean Geoffrey Garrett, through the Wharton Partners Program.

Current WFoA Leaders Council

  • Al West, SEI
  • J. Brooks, Glassview
  • Scott Hagedorn, Hearts and Science
  • Sanjay Govil, Infinite Solutions
  • Howard Shimmel, Turner AdLabs
  • Laurent Larguinet, Mars
  • Andres Siefkin, Mastercard

Past Members

  • Daniel Slotweiner, Facebook
  • Vaasu Gavarasana,Yahoo!
  • GORM Agency A/S
  • Alan, Lenovo
  • Alan, his other company
  • Kodak

Interested in learning more about the supporting the mission and work of WFoA through a financial gift? You can imagine how much we’d love to hear from you! Please contact Catharine Hays, WFoA Executive Director.