Native Advertising


With an increasingly empowered and skeptical consumer base, marketers need to bridge the gap between advertiser-consumer relations. Native advertising, with its integrated, content-based marketing strategy, looks to be crucial to the new age of advtertising.

With the generous support of Yahoo! APAC, WFoA is undertaking a research study to assess the current state of native advertising and propose a framework for native advertising of the future. We are looking to delve deeper into the heart of native advertising: What formal data and experiments do we have? What kind of native advertising works? What doesn’t?




Social Impact

David Jones, Havas

David Jones, Havas

What are the potential positive social impacts of advertising? How and why are advertisers creating winning strategies for their bottom line, their customers, and society?

WFoA seeks to explore these questions via:

+ Advertising 2020: What could/should advertising be in 2020? What should we do now for that future?

+ At the 2012 annual meeting of the WFoA Global Advisory Board, “Social Impact, Advertising 2020, and Recent Innovations,” special guest David Jones, CEO of Havas, kicked off the meeting with a discussion of his recent book, Who Cares Wins: Why Good Business is Better Business.

Advertising 2020

The world of advertising is rapidly evolving and it’s more pressing than ever for us to stop and consider, what is its greatest potential? How can we make it happen? We’ve enlisted thought leaders and visionaries from around the world to help us delve into this rich and important concept by answering two provocative questions.

Challenging Mental Models

impossible-thinkingHow are advertisers customizing and experimenting with the WFoA’s proposed ten-point model for rethinking “advertising”? Limiting “Mental Models” are pervasive in the advertising industry, inhibiting innovation, initiative, and risk. What is the best way for us to break old habits and create new ways of viewing and working in the world? What are examples of companies doing this to great success?

Some of the ways WFoA is approaching these questions is through the following events and collaborations:

+  What could/should advertising look like in 2020? What do we need to do know for that future? Our Advertising 2020 project.

+  Domino’s/CP+B Insight and Impact Report: “Reinventing Domino’s”: Taking a look at CP+B’s ground-breaking approach to work with Domino’s in reinventing not only their brand but their core product.

+  GAB Annual Meeting 2011: “Addressing the Advertisers’ Challenges: Innovative Initiatives and Lessons from Successes and Failures”
“Innovation comes from collaboration. We need to find models and insights that allow us to simplify.”

+  Master Classes: Professor Wind took visiting Austrian CEOs to Philadelphia, New York, and Boston to meet with innovators in the field

Advertising Effectiveness

Confronted with swarms of data, how do we know which numbers matter? What should be tracked, what should be measured, where do the real answer lie? In essence, what do we know about how advertising works, under what conditions, based on rigorous findings that hold true across multiple studies?

This topic is one of the most sought-after keys to understanding what works in advertising today. WFoA leads and collaborates on a number of events and publications dedicated to research and knowledge-sharing on advertising effectiveness.

collaborations_ehrenberg + Invitation-only conference: Empirical Generalizations in Advertising, Philadelphia, December 2008 in collaboration with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and the ARF

+ The results from the EGI conference were published in the Journal of Advertising Research Special Issue: “What Do We Know About Advertising,” June 2009

+ Follow-up invitation-only conference: Empirical Generalizations II: What Works in the New Age of Advertising and Marketing, Philadelphia, May 31-June 1, 2012

+ Select papers from the EGII conference will be published in the upcoming Journal of Advertising Research EG II Special Edition, Spring 2013



+ Ad Effectiveness Measurement and Methods Roundtable, NYC, December 12, 2012 and February 1, 2013, in collaboration with the ARF



+ Innovative Approaches to Advertising Effectiveness Competition and Conference, May 16, 2013, in collaboration with Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative


Creativity and Story

How are the roles, role definitions, and collaborations expanding and impacting effectiveness?

WFoA has explored these questions in two roundtable sessions held in NYC in 2011 on the Future of Creatives and Creative Ideas in the Digital World. Click to learn more about who attended and what was discussed, including current mental models of advertising and the need to challenge these models in today’s rapidly changing environment. The first session generated such enthusiasm, especially about Peter Field’s presentation on “The Link Between Creativity and Effectiveness,” that a follow-up session quickly followed.

collaborations_cannesOutput from these sessions informs Professor Wind’s Wharton MBA class on Creativity as well as a master class presented at the Young Marketers Academy, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with Gian Fulgoni and Chuck Porter: “The ROI of Creativity: The Triple Challenge.”


Global Insights

What can we learn from innovations, experiences, and trends outside of our home countries?

Vaasu Gavarasana

Vaasu Gavarasana

The world of advertising is simultaneously shrinking and expanding as decisions about local and global become more relevant than ever. WFoA has convened Global Insights Roundtable Sessions in several different cities and countries to talk with local practitioners about the actual issues they face in their countries and industries. Click to read more about each session:

Paris, 2010
New Delhi, 2011
Philadelphia, 2011
Beijing, 2012
Rio, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Tokyo, 2013

Made possible in part by a Wharton Global Initiatives Research Grant.

Many thanks to our generous hosts: Y&R Europe, Yahoo!, Bates, O&M China, Wharton Alumni Club of Japan

Orchestration and Talent

How can advertisers bridge the silos of the many touchpoints required for the delivery of effective advertising?
What are the implications to business and revenue models?  How can the industry attract and retain new talent?

WFoA has explored these questions in the following forums:

collaborations_google   collaborations_ana   cpb

Technology & Media Drivers

Stephen Kim, Microsoft

Stephen Kim, Microsoft

Who are the innovators, where are technologies heading, and how will they impact the “advertising” landscape?

Disruptive technologies are impacting advertising in many ways. WFoA has explored this topic at the following events:

+ Jumptap Mobile Media Summit, September 2012, lead by GAB member Paran Johar

+ Advertising Week, AWE Stage, September 2012

+ Knowledge@Wharton Social Media Leadership Awards, November 2012

+ Advertising 2020: What could/should advertising look like in 2020? What should we do now for this future?

+ Baker Retail Center Facebook Roundtable, January 2013

+ Game-Changing Technologies Impacting CMOs Steering Committee Roundtable, NYC, April 2013

+ Wired & CMO Summit Game-Changing Technologies Impacting CMOs, NYC, November 2013