Robert L. Barocci – Bob Ogilvy Dinner Video 11.0

Robert L. Barocci, President & CEO, Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)

Good evening everybody.  I hope you are enjoying the Ogilvy dinner so far.

Robert BarocciI am here to talk about the future of advertising…I had written a five minute speech and after it was videoed, I watched it and decided it was very boring…so you are going to get a two minute version!  Here it is.

While preparing for this speech I read a lot of FOA pieces.  And, while I found a couple that were useful, I decided that it was impossible for most people to predict the future, including me.   So I decided to talk tonight about being prepared for it; which really means thinking about the tough stuff and coming face to face with it…things like

Social Media

If you don’t get into it daily, you will never understand its power and its methods. Reading about it isn’t enough.

That’s preparedness challenge number one.  Here are ten more.

Real Time

This is not an abstract concept.  It’s here and it takes practice.

Unpredictable Audiences

Ever-changing.  So you have to have an   intelligent Listening plan.

“Perpetual Beta”

Our future world will be incremental, experimental, continually optimized…never, never finished.

More ways to reach…

But harder to connect.

You must not be seduced by the “targetability” of digital…much conspires to make connection very difficult…requiring great creativity.

The Death of Mass Media

It will happen.

The Birth of Mass Media

We have one global mass medium today – Facebook.   Think about that.

Public Skewerings

These will not be just isolated incidents like “Motrin moms”.  They will become de riguer.  Marketers will not be able to get away with anything.

The Campaign is Dead

The B to C consumer dynamic is just too fluid…

Crowd Source Creative

It is here to stay.

More Geniusrockets

GeniusRocket – Ever heard of them?  It’s a website agency; that crowdsources broadcast-ready TV ads; seven spots; $40,000, syndicated on 20 platforms, ready for testing…..hired by Kraft!!!!…”we fell in love with one spot.”, said Kraft

Winning in the Future?

It’s simple

Replace complexity with simplicity



Yourself and your company…

“Work simply…in the present…then you get to say what happens in the future.