Richard Lee – My View of the Future

Richard Lee, CMO, PepsiCo China

(1) I think advertising in 2020 would look very much like what’s depicted in the movie ‘Total Recall’ (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Everyone would have a big screen in their room where they could get information from a virtual reality guide. Everything would be personalized, interactive and fully integrated. For example, you would receive the best deals from your favorite hotel but yet getting information about airline, restaurants etc.

All your personalized data would be stored centrally but sent to all retailers. If you walk in a department store, they will instantly tell you where to shop for your favorite brands and/or tell you whether there is discounts.

(2) It could also look like the movie ‘Truman Show’ where all entertainment is branded content. Branded advertising would be smartly incorporated in the TV programs or movie

(3) Finally, all advertising/marketing campaigns would be ‘performance with purpose’ — meaning that they would make a difference to the environment, community.

My thoughts are simple. One must be ‘open-minded’ and accept everything is possible. I imagine the pace of change will accelerate even more as new technology will be developed and new social media companies will emerge. The media world will become more fragmented than ever. Having said that, one must bear in mind that some things never change: it’s always about Brilliant Storytelling and Big Idea Generation!!! Brands should actively seek talents that could develop great stories and generate big ideas and don’t be distracted by the cloud of fragmented media/technology.