Oliver Deighton – Advertising 2020

Oliver Deighton, VP of Marketing, VigLink

This is the future of advertising.

The “H” in http, the backbone of the Internet; the inconspicuous, very usual, everyday link. I believe the link is enormously valuable. Unfortunately, it’s also pretty dumb. Valuable because every link from one site to another is an opportunity. Dumb because that value is rarely captured.

In the future, this will be bought and sold. It will be bid for and won, in real time, the moment it appears, for each individual who sees it. The winner will be determined by sophisticated yield optimization algorithms. The algorithm will factor each individual’s past behavior and demographic profile. It will consider the individual’s propensity to click, to buy, and to share. It will appear, disappear, and adapt, in concert with all the other links in view, to maximize captured value for the host, the receiving site, and the individual.

I call this future of advertising the Link Economy.