Michelle Taite – My View of the Future

Michelle Taite, Associate Brand Manager, Unilever

The world of advertising as we know it is drastically changing before our very eyes. By 2020 consumers will fully own advertising. They will shape its creative, its messaging and decipher on what its utility should be. Brand managers and advertisers will no longer have the pleasure of deploying any portion of a push strategy. Dare I say that branding will not be as visible, if at all, in advertising? Brands will thrive or barely survive based on the experiences they are able to bring to consumers and the emotions they will evoke through these. Needless to say that as consumers are transformed and empowered to own the brands we as advertisers and marketers so carefully try to protect, the ‘truth in advertising’ will obtain a new meaning. The future of advertising is exciting yet scary, disruptive to marketers yet natural to consumers, simple yet terrifyingly complicated.

What do we need to do now for this future?

‘Be honest and do good shit!’ is a recent saying I heard that comes to mind.

The future of advertising is a paradigm shift.  We need to truly think differently about our ways, be honest with ourselves and our consumers about our propositions and motives because ignorance in advertising will no longer be tolerated or accepted! We need to develop a culture of consumer understanding like never before. Know your consumers to the finest details, from their dreams to their fears and social habits to their family rituals. Only then might we be able to empower them to own our communication and advertising in a positive manner. And then… maybe… as we hand over to consumers our most cherished jewels to own, they will handle them with care–almost as much as we do.