Kenneth Nisch

Ken Nisch, Architect & Chairman, JGA

In the future advertising will equal experience.  It might be an experience that is shared, as in “I was there, you should be there!”  Or it might be an experience that is created by the individual, “I’m creative, innovative, visionary, and in effect, advertising becomes ‘my personal channel’ to market these capabilities.”

These marketing “partners” might be technological, brand or product driven, and they will tell me:

  • How to wear it
  • What to do with it
  • How to reposition or recreate it
  • How to manipulate it – say as a DJ, a craftsperson, a fashion and/or anti-fashion advocate
  • How to give it away – via my social conscience
  • Or how to acquire it collect and hoard it – as a consumer

Advertising will decreasingly become push-driven, or at least less-obviously push.  Advertising will increasingly become viral, be it paid or independent.  Think Mommy Blogs; or paid persuasion such as “As Seen On” infomercials.

Advertising will increasingly become unbranded or at least micro-branded.  Small is the new big.  Or think of the legendary Yogi Berra quote, “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded,” which is the death spiral that many of the big brands in retail find themselves in. Think of Nike last year when it was not being an Olympic sponsor.

In the end, advertising will look radically different.  The agency of the future is as likely to be Google as it is WPP.  And the diversity of advertising related to funding (consider cigarette advertising as the model) will radically change its economic distribution.  Brands will put more in the pockets of the consumer for participating (for example, read Liz Crawford’s new book The Shopper Economy), where dollars increasingly flow into influencer’s pockets and decreasingly through the typical distribution channels of advertising networks, magazines, etc.  In the future, advertising equals experience!

Come for the Experience: A Step toward the Future

At Make Meaning, an interactive environment for creating crafts, cakes and other goodies creates an in-store experience that cannot be duplicated online.  This innovative store for families and kids to create meaningful memories through creative activities has also become a big hit with adults.  Customers can purchase day passes or a membership pass for a year of unlimited trips.  The spaces consist of two private party floors and a retail boutique offering creative gifts.  Birthday parties, corporate team-building events, and bachelorette and bridal parties make the space appealing to creatives of all ages.

Self Expression – Showcasing Your Creativity

From fashion tweens to young-at-heart seniors, this concept of self expression creates new ad rules for the future: Lots of options, a mix-and-match quality from the frivolous and nearly disposable, to the highly precious hand-down heirloom one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.  The common thread between the products is that each is unique in its own right, has a big personality, sometimes driven off of small and unique details, or in other cases, the scale, the choice of materials, color and even the fabrication, communicates a “go big” attitude toward fashion accessories.

I’m Special – Communicate with Me

This store layout is designed to support their relationship-selling process.  Through a welcoming experience, the customer is guided to find their SLEEP NUMBER®.  The consumer begins the shopping journey with experiencing IndividualFitSM.  IndividualFitSM 3-D imaging measures 1,000 pressure points between the customer and the bed’s surface. When the bed is adjusted to the Sleep Number, the pressure points are greatly reduced or even eliminated. The customer’s body image illustrating the relieved pressure is projected in surround to enhance the experience.  Interactive iPad technology at the foot of the beds is easily accessible for consumer use; with product stories highlighting informational qualities.