David Hoo – 2020 Future Advertising

David Hoo, Principal, Effective Marketing Management

2020 Future Advertising
By David Hoo

With 20:20: foresight, future 2020 advertising will be 110% data driven. It will not just be personalized advertising of the overall offer to the individual.  Instead, the copy, visuals, recommendations will all be down at the personalized individual word and image level. This will all be based on the individual’s past web surfing and purchasing, that is further supplemented by online social activities, profiles, posts, etc. and by third-party databases. Intelligent natural language text and image analysis tools will be used, along with data mining tools for massive individualized databases to discover and predict ahead of purchasing the purchase interests and preference of individuals for products and services.

Advertisements also would be embedded into powerful moving stories that accurately reflects the consumer’s histories and personalities, possibly including their Myers-Briggs personality profiles. At the same time, these advertisements would follow empirically-based formats that had been proven to command the highest viewer attention, brand linkage, and most importantly, sales response.

For example, a newly married couple searching for baby names would be advertised all sorts of baby products and services on a predictive analytics basis. But in the future, this would include the actual style and colors most desired by the consumer along with the exact words and pictures that would personally mirror the consumers, possibly blending the couple’s faces into a highly likely sex, ethnic-look and face of their newborn along with the clothes to be purchased superimposed along with the facial image. The larger personalized story might be that Jose and Maria had immigrated to the USA from Peru and were seeking to be Americans but wanted to preserve their heritage in the newborn by her middle name, their village customs and with clothes that had indigenous fabric patterns and colors.