Camila Lucena – Advertising 2020 Project

Camila Lucena, Account Coordinator, Wunderman

What could/should “advertising” look like in 2020?

Technology will continue to transform media; people are going to want everything instantaneously, they will want to access information anytime and anywhere, using different platforms. Advertising will have to grab the audience’s attention faster by using a mix of mobile, social and even traditional advertising, and by delivering customized and engaging messages to consumers on every level. Consumers will become more and more active; they will have more power than ever on building a brand reputation.

What do we need to do now for this future?

Agencies need far greater access to target information and must know how to use it effectively, they need to invest in intelligence and robust analytics and think about innovative ways to deliver interaction, engagement and connection. People are getting bombarded by advertisements; we need to create a unique experience in the simplest way to stand out from a complex and pushy attitude.