Bob Kantor – What could/should “advertising” look like in 2020?

Bob Kantor, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, MDC Partners

It’s not a question of could or even should, rather it’s pretty clear given the current path, what advertising WILL look like in 2020.

Specifically, on both the client and agency side, the CMO will look more like the CTO. And advertising will feel a lot like a technology industry.

The two greatest challenges will be getting people to embrace the change; this being a typical barrier in all industries under such dramatic change.

And the second challenge will be overcoming the belief that technology and the data it provides somehow stifle creativity.

Better data provides better insight, provides better, more insightful creative.

What do we need to do now for this future?

If technology, and the depth of data it provides, is driving such significant change within the advertising industry, then we must learn how to integrate this competency into all departments, not make it a free-standing silo within the organization.