Adnan Azad – Made Personal

Adnan Azad, Jr. Statistical Analyst, KPMG Boston

Made Personal

It’s a bright Sunday morning. I am especially happy today because it’s my birthday, 19th January 2020, time flies. After usual morning rituals, I decide to take a walk outside with my dog. Luthien is a two-year-old playful terrier, looks like it’s a good day for her too!

We are taking an unusual route today, walking parallel to the highway next to my apartment instead of the riverside park. A cyclist is approaching from the opposite direction, usual Sunday calmness returns after a short exchange of smiles. Suddenly my phone vibrates mildly, once. I turn the screen on, interesting, there’s a gathering of pet owners happening in this area sponsored by Famous pet food company. Without my phone locating me and my dog together in the area, I wouldn’t have known of this event. Seems like a good opportunity to see some new faces!

It’s quite a walk until G Park where the gathering is taking place. We move along the sidewalk. Luthien is eager to go after a bird, I stop to restrain her. Being next to a bus stop, I find myself standing in front of a screen. Oops! It detects me right there and an ad is on its way. Within seconds, a car ad appears on the screen. It definitely knows that I am a male in the late 20’s, the car is a nice four-seater with enough space to carry luggage, good candidate for a family car. I wonder what if it detects me and my dog together. I pull Luthien’s leash closer. Soon the screen changes and this new ad is about a dog house super sale. They surely do a great job determining the viewer profiles and interestingly I do have a thought for a new dog house. I put my hand on the screen to check out the dog houses. In seconds I see the different designs on sale and payment plans. I send the details to my email using the option at the bottom; there are even options to ask questions but I have to reach the park now.

We are approaching G Park quite fast. The crowd still looks small from here, small but diverse. Pets are having a fun time playing. I am greeted by a facilitator who informs me that there are stations to weigh the pets and do different checks. I walk to one of those and put my dog on the table. The surface is quite interactive; it instantly displays the biological details of my pet and performs an assessment. It also suggests a list of products owners of similar dogs are using, smart timing indeed, I end up placing an order for one supplement. Walking back towards the crowd, I wonder how interactive and integrated their advertising has become compared to the time when I was at university. These days the ads are more specific to person, unlike the past where one video could be used to target different groups of audience. Now the screen knows which ad is a better match for my age, I can ask to get more details in case I want to. The interactive capability is no longer limited to TV, computers or gadgets; billboards, special surfaces, all can now respond to user commands. They are connected to internet simultaneously which allows me to retrieve any information I demand. I no longer have to visit a store or wait until I return home to make a purchase; I can place an order right away on the screen and continue my walk. The level of collaboration among advertising, surface technology, online purchases and delivery makes it so smooth that, indeed, it is now just one single piece of experience!