Scott Goodson

Scott believes that brands should spark movements not do ads. His new book “UpRising” will be published later this year. It will present this new marketing model: how, why and who is doing it best. Once you have a Cultural Movement, you can do anything in a fragmenting media world. In his upcoming book, Scott will riff on why Cultural Movement is the new marketing model that is changing the world.

Scott is a father and husband who lives in New York. He founded StrawberryFrog, the Cultural Movement agency in Amsterdam in 1999. He moved to New York to open StrawberryFrog in 2005. He co-founded StrawberryFrog Brazil in 2007 and most recently opened a FrogPond in Dubai. StrawberryFrog Mumbai is in progress.

Read Scott’s contribution to the WFoA Advertising 2020 Project, “Change the Model, Change the World.”