Sharing “Beyond Advertising”

Help get the word out about the important concepts that are brought to life in Beyond Advertising: Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints.

How can you help?

Read the Book!
If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to go ahead and give it a read. We are thrilled with the positive reactions to the book thus far. And here is a recent independent review we just learned about: link to the recent review.

Too Busy? 
We surely understand. That’s why we structured it so you can get the essential concepts by reading the preface, and the introductions to Parts I, II, and III.

Share the Knowledge.
Give the gift of a great summer read. For around $2000 you can buy 100 books to share with your executives, your board members, your team, your clients, your potential clients, and of course all your favorite family members and friends. For an extra $1 – $2 dollars per book, 800ceoread has some great options for customizing the books for you and can handle all the shipping.

Spark a Conversation.
If you buy a lot of books and want to foster some conversation with those to whom you give the book, we’d be happy to call/video in for a 30 minute discussion session. If you buy lots and lots of books, we’ll make the session extra, extra fun. Other ideas? Just let us know.

Teaching a Class?
Several academics and teaching executives have let us know they’ll be using the book for their classes. You can request an evaluation copy for Beyond Advertising through the Wiley ordering page.

It’s a Shareworthy Story.
In the story of how the book came together, and your role in it, there’s real substance worthy of sharing with your network. Here are some ways that your fellow WFoA community leaders have been telling their version of the story. (Kirk Cheyfitz, Cheryl & Mark Burgess, etc.)

We’ll keep you posted.
Our editorial manager, Alexa de los Reyes, has been helping us to land articles in a variety of publications that will run over the next few months. Here are just a few that have been published.

Our hope it to get the Beyond Advertising book, into as many minds as possible to start making an impact on the future…now. To be sure, we won’t be getting rich on book sales. This is about fulfilling the mission of the program to co-create a better future for advertising and marketing and putting the tools in place to inspire, enable and celebrate those who take action to do so.

Other ideas to positively impact the future? Please let us know.