Advertising 2020 Contributor Roundtable: Taking Action Now


“Taking Action Now for Advertising 2020″: This invitation-only roundtable was held at the Penn Club in NY on April 25, 2013. Attendees discussed findings and future visions from the Advertising 2020 project.

Roundtable Participants:

Jeff Boehme, Chief Research Officer, Kanter Media NA
Cheryl Burgess, CEO/CMO, Blue Focus Marketing
Mark Burgess, CSO, Blue Focus Marketing
Thomas Burkhardt, VP Global Marketing, Coty Prestige
Evelyn Chen, VP Marketing Communications, Kantar Media
Bob Greenberg, Executive Director, Advertising Week Experience (AWE)
Julia Gometz, Founder, The Brandful Workforce
Bill Harvey, Vice Chairman & Chief Research Officer, TRA, Inc.
Catharine Hays, Executive Director, The Wharton Future of Advertising Program
Nancy Hill, President & CEO, 4A’s
Yaakov Kimelfeld, Chief Research Officer, Kantar Media Compete
Karsten Koed, Managing Partner & Chairman, Gorm Larsen Zornig
Denise Larson, Principal, Founder, NewMediaMetrics, Inc.
Ian Leuchars, SVP Strategy and Marketing, 24/7 Media
Sherrill Mane, SVP Industry Services, IAB
Carl Marci, CEO & Chief Science Officer, Innerscope Research, Inc.
Tom Morton, Chief Strategy Officer, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Evelyn Neill, Executive Creative Director, Doremus
Steve Rappaport, Director of Knowledge Solutions, The ARF
Alexa de los Reyes, Program Coordinator, WFoA
Steven Rosenblatt, Chief Revenue Officer, Foursquare
Hayes Roth, CMO, Landor
Alan Schulman, Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro NY
Saurabh Sharma, Planning Partner, Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing
Howard Sherman, Global President, Doremus
Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, VivaKi
Barry Wacksman, EVP, Chief Growth Officer, R/GA
Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor, Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School
Nikao Yang, SVP New Business Development, AdColony

Some key takeaways:

“Risk-taking cultures will be more successful. We need engineers and scientists in marketing organizations. CMOs need engineers at their sides at all times.” - Steven Rosenblatt

“Advertising needs to worry about closing the authenticity gap and bringing the experience closer to expectations. It’s not just what you make or the service you’re offering that counts; you can do that really well, but if management’s not doing the right thing, there’s no bigger vision or mission, you’re going to have a piece of the gap. We’re good at creating and pushing messages, but we’re still lousy at engaging in conversations.” – Joe Plummer

“We need to do a lot more with less or the same. Budgets  are not going to increase, and the need for diversified touchpoints with less money requires us to understand ROI and who we’re reaching. The tools are still in infancy.” – Thomas Burkhardt
“The future of advertising cannot exist separate from employees. Hire your fans!” – Julia Gometz

“If everything becomes digital, there’s going to be a premium on things that are not predictable. Everything offered will be largely driven by creativity and technology and will be built on the collaboration with customers and clients.” – 
Saurabh Sharma

“The future is digital and analog, eg. Foursquare and Facebook. People are analog. Advertising will be about acts, not ads. Companies should cut ad budgets and improve products and service. We need to incentivize, train, and hire people differently. Change people’s mindsets or change the people.” – Rishad Tobaccowala

“The old formula: line extension + mass media, does not work anymore. The real problem is commoditization. There’s so much choice, no brand can control the market. A new class of companies with new growth models will emerge, like Nike’s. Ecosystems of value. No new ad campaign or new model of shoe will change the market, it will take innovation.” – Barry Wacksman

“Social media is a life and a world, not a tool. There is no public/private, no online/offline.” – Karsten Koed

“Technology enables connections, it is not technology for its own sake. Advertising in 2020 will be a catalyst.” – Mark Burgess

“What do we need to do? Become more collaborative. The goal is to attract the mentality of digital natives, not necessarily an age group.” – Nancy Hill

“In the future, advertising will be felt. Every agency will need a customer experience department.” – Denise Larson

“There’s a difference between SALIENT and RELEVANT.  Hand waving is salient–you notice–but not relevant.” – Carl Marci

“How are we building businesses to address aging populations? We’re confronting a world with a lot of money in the hands of people not necessarily living the way of millenials.” – Sherrill Mane

 “Advertising will be instant and organic, resulting in fantastic engagement with the consumer. Also the mobile device becomes the central point of connectivity for every aspect of life.” – Nikao Yang

“Consumers will engage in advertising when and where they want to.”- Ian Leuchars