Journal of Advertising Research and JGA Retail Focus feature Beyond Advertising excerpts and commentary

WFoA’s book, “Beyond Advertising: JAR cover Creating Value Through All Customer Touchpoints,” was recently featured in both the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) and JGA Retail Focus.

The June issue of the JAR features an adapted excerpt from the book. In this excerpt, Professor Jerry Wind and WFoA Executive Director Catharine Hays present WFoA’s roadmap for creating value through all media and non-media touchpoints and the implications of this roadmap to advertising research. The article is available to ARF members here.

In the August issue of JGA Retail Focus, Wind and Hays (with Alexa de los Reyes) discuss “Why the Future of Retail Needs to Move Beyond Advertising.” Notably, they present five key questions to help you see to what extent you’re on track to implement the ATVC model:

  1. Is your marketing strategy aligned to meet the needs of your brands, customers and community, and society? Are you focused on long-term value generation and short-term activation?
  2. Are you creating value through all points of possible interaction, including those beyond the purview of advertising and marketing including product design, package design, customer service, call centers, retail/e-tail design, and shopping experience?
  3. Do your advertising and offerings meet the R.A.V.E.S. criteria? Are they Relevant and respectful, Actionable, Valuable and value-generating, and offer an exciting Experience and Shareworthy story?
  4. Does the design through each touchpoint meet the M.A.D.E.S. criteria? Is it multisensory, customized to the audience, device, and environment, and taking into account the power of synergies among touchpoints?
  5. Are you engaged in continual adaptive experimentation to understand what works, what doesn’t, and why?