George John – The Future of Big Data & AI in Advertising

George John PhotoGeorge John, Artificial Intelligence-focused Investor and Advisor, Founder and Former CEO/Chairman of Rocket Fuel 

As new technology and data driven insights have gained popularity, marketers have taken note. One person in particular has played an integral role in leading the industry to what it is today.

George John is currently an Artificial Intelligence-focused Investor who also focuses his efforts on mentoring entrepreneurship students at Stanford. He founded Rocket Fuel Inc. – a leading innovator in the marketing industry, utilizing technology to optimize reach – and served as the CEO and Chairman of the company. John has a strong science background, with a BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University as well as a stint at NASA that enabled him to recognize early on a need for powerful software and technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and big data in marketing.

In the fast-paced world of changing consumer preferences, John’s data and algorithm intensive thinking let marketers react just as quickly. Using the power of artificial intelligence, John’s technology enables marketing to be dynamic and adapt to any context almost instantaneously in real time.

John will be sharing his insights on the marketing perspective and technology required to reach consumers at all touchpoints. In specific, he will discuss the possibilities that Hadoop, Hbase and other online key-value stores and machine learning algorithms present and how students can utilize these in state of the art marketing. He will also touch on the increasing importance of open source software and cloud computing in marketing today.

This is the future of advertising – this is an event you don’t want to miss.