Click Here: How Advertisers Can Beat Ad Blockers

Prompted by the news that Yahoo has taken to blocking ad blockers, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School & WFoA Academic Director Jerry Wind and WFoA Editorial Manager Alexa de los Reyes have articulated their solution to beating ad blockers in an article recently published in Knowledge@Wharton. Wind and de los Reyes tell publishers, “Don’t fight back. Instead, listen to what people want and give them something of  value.” Challenging the old mental model of advertising, which assumes “us against them” and that ads are “unwanted” and “something to be suffered through,” they argue that the best way to stop ad blocking is to create ads that delight. The way to do this, according to insights from WFoA’s Advertising 2020 project, is to make advertising that is R.A.V.E.S. — relevant and respectful, actionable, valuable and value-generating, with an exceptional experience and a shareworthy story.  Full article.