Catharine Hays to be Guest Judge for Nielsen Case Competition

WFoA Executive Director Catharine Findiesen Hays will join a panel of guest judges on Friday, January 31st in a day-long case competition at the University of Pennsylvania sponsored by Nielsen. UPenn student teams will compete against one another to address a real-world business issue on behalf of Mars, one of Nielsen’s major manufacturer CPG clients.

The three other guest judges will be:
Tim Schiller, Nielsen VP, Client Group Director, Mars
Joe Laranjeiro, Nielsen Associate Client Director, Mars
Dhruti Patel, Mars Senior Manager, Strategy and Insights Group

Catharine was invited to participate by competition organizer Dina Liu (Media Analytics Client Insights, Nielsen) a recent alum who will also be helping WFoA launch its alumni network for those active and interested in how the future of “advertising” is unfolding.

4th Annual Wharton Super Bowl Tweet Meet Sunday, February 2

The 4th Annual Wharton FoA Super Bowl Tweet Meet was held on Sunday, February 2. An esteemed panel of Wharton marketing faculty, WFoA Global Advisory Board members, advertising and media executives, students, and journalists tweeted #whartonfoa 1658 times. We used the insights and reactions to the ads through these tweets to determine the successes and failures of this year’s Super Bowl ads and why.

Scroll through the live twitter stream here and join in the fun and tweet your reactions to the ads with the #whartonfoa hashtag.

The RAVES criteria was used to rate each ad from 1 (no RAVE) to 10 (very RAVE). RAVES stands for Relevant & Respectful, Actionable, Valuable, Exceptional Experience and Surprising Story. According to the Tweet Meet, the 2014 Winning  Super Bowl Ads are as follows with their score, RAVES description and related tweets.

1. Coca Cola “America the Beautiful” (9.1): Relevant with a strong universal message and valuable and experiential.

Anthony Kalamut @SouthsideAdGuy: LOVED IT @BigBuzzKev Coke “America” 8/10 on strategy, nostalgic, relevant, embrace #Diversitity speaks to everyone (close to it) #whartonFOA

Kelly O’Keefe @kellyokeefe: Coke doing an ad only Coke can do and doing it great. Happiness. Music. Globalism. Hits all the key points.

2. Microsoft “Empowering” (8.5): Valued because of an inspiring message and a moving and inspirational story.

Tom Morton @tommorton: Applause for Microsoft. Empowering Us All is a clunky line, but what they showed was inspiring 8/10 #superbowl #whartonfoa

Antony Kalumut @SouthsideAdGuy: Mircosoft “Technology Can Unite Us”… WOW Saints Steve Gleason inflicted with ALS Very inspirational spot 9/10 #WhartonFOA

3. Chevy “Life” (8.2): Experiential and “human” and the value comes from social impact.

Winston Binch @winstonbinch: Chevy #PurpleRoads: 9. win. simple, human, emotionally powerful, brand doing good on a big stage #whartonfoa

Anthony Kalamut @Southsideadguy: WOWzer Chevy way to #PayForward Well done 10/10 emotional factor. WOW #WhartonFOA

4. Budweiser “A Hero’s Welcome” (8.1): An experiential story

Adam Wohl @adamwohl: #WhartonFOA Simple. Perfect.  Budweiser. (Like Coke with Alcohol)

Some other ads that are worthy of honorable mentions include Bank of America, Microsoft, Radio Shack and Audi. Let’s see what 2015 has in store for us!

WFoA co-hosting with GroupM during MEME Week

WFoA is excited to be partnering with Global Advisory Board member Phil Cowdell, President of Client Services for GroupM–one of the world’s leading media investment management firms–to host Strategy Day during the inaugural MEME Week Conference. MEME is the “MUSE E-Marketing and Engagement” week, the first digital marketing-focused initiative at UPenn run entirely by students. Students are invited to participate at events held each evening from February 24-28, 2014.

Joining Phil Cowdell and Catharine Findiesen Hays, WFoA Executive Director, on the panel will be Hayes Roth, CMO of Landor. Together they will lead a highly interactive workshop exploring the topic of “strategy” in digital marketing. We welcome you to join us in our discussion on February 27th from 6 – 7:30 pm.

ANA Workshop: Future of Advertising NOW

Professor Jerry Wind conducted an Association of National Advertisers workshop on the future of advertising on Thursday, March 6 on the 8th floor of  the Wharton School’s Huntsman Hall.

The workshop, designed for CMOs and senior Marketing executives, featured findings from the Wharton Future of Advertising Project’s “Advertising 2020” survey, as well as exercises designed to challenge participants’ mental models of their field, and to aid them as they plan for a marketing landscape that is transforming at an unprecedented pace.

Further information on the workshop is available here.