Technology & Media Drivers

Stephen Kim, Microsoft
Stephen Kim, Microsoft

Who are the innovators, where are technologies heading, and how will they impact the “advertising” landscape?

Disruptive technologies are impacting advertising in many ways. WFoA has explored this topic at the following events:

+ Jumptap Mobile Media Summit, September 2012, lead by GAB member Paran Johar

+ Advertising Week, AWE Stage, September 2012

+ Knowledge@Wharton Social Media Leadership Awards, November 2012

+ Advertising 2020: What could/should advertising look like in 2020? What should we do now for this future?

+ Baker Retail Center Facebook Roundtable, January 2013

+ Game-Changing Technologies Impacting CMOs Steering Committee Roundtable, NYC, April 2013

+ Wired & CMO Summit Game-Changing Technologies Impacting CMOs, NYC, November 2013