Challenging Mental Models

impossible-thinkingHow are advertisers customizing and experimenting with the WFoA’s proposed ten-point model for rethinking “advertising”? Limiting “Mental Models” are pervasive in the advertising industry, inhibiting innovation, initiative, and risk. What is the best way for us to break old habits and create new ways of viewing and working in the world? What are examples of companies doing this to great success?

Some of the ways WFoA is approaching these questions is through the following events and collaborations:

+  What could/should advertising look like in 2020? What do we need to do know for that future? Our Advertising 2020 project.

+  Domino’s/CP+B Insight and Impact Report: “Reinventing Domino’s”: Taking a look at CP+B’s ground-breaking approach to work with Domino’s in reinventing not only their brand but their core product.

+  GAB Annual Meeting 2011: “Addressing the Advertisers’ Challenges: Innovative Initiatives and Lessons from Successes and Failures”

“Innovation comes from collaboration. We need to find models and insights that allow us to simplify.”

+  Master Classes: Professor Wind took visiting Austrian CEOs to Philadelphia, New York, and Boston to meet with innovators in the field.