Empirical Generalizations in Advertising II: What Works in the New Age of Advertising & Marketing

The second Empirical Generalizations in Advertising conference, an invitation-only conference to explore the latest research and decision-making implications, was hosted by the WFoA in cooperation with the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and the Advertising Research Foundation in Philadelphia, PA on May 31-June 1, 2012

Select papers from the Empirical Generalizations II conference were published in a new Special Issue of the Journal of Advertising Research in June 2013.  The new issue includes an overview article of 6 conference papers entitled New Laws for Digital Marketing: How Advertising Research Must Change.

The groundbreaking findings from the first Empirical Generalizations in Advertising conference in 2008 were published in the June 2009 Special Issue of the JAR entitled What We Know About Advertising: 21 Watertight Laws for Intelligent Advertising Decisions — one of the most popular issues in the history of JAR.