GAB Annual Meeting 2011: Addressing the Advertisers’ Challenges

The WFoA GAB Annual Meeting held on December 8 & 9, 2011 in Philadelphia was called, “Addressing the Advertisers’ Challenges in 2012: Innovative Initiatives and Lessons from Successes and Failures.” Participants discussed and debated their challenges, opportunities, needs, and expectations faced by agencies, media, PR, and other groups.

Participants identified their key challenges including:

         Trying to delve into accounting practices to capitalize marketing rather than just expense it
         Concerns about talent in roles that blur the edges of one discipline from another
         Finding narrative truth at the heart of a brand
         Getting rid of B2B, replacing with P2P
         Managing a global brand locally
         Building a tech startup and surviving
         Helping customers handle big data
         Making money in this economy
         Creating deep brand engagement with a niche audience
         Evolving the concept of advertising to be more inclusive of things that happen in retail
         Getting insights not data

Some key take-aways included:

          Brands need to become producers, developers, publishers–they need to start doing things that people want. How do you find the targets and what do you do with them? Science and technology–this time next year we will be able to reach any individual you want. Then storytelling comes to the fore. The world is better when all that waste goes away.

         Collaborative thinking is enlightening. It’s not easy to know everything. How do we become more effective in the modern world? Speed. Capability. Development.

         Innovation comes from collaboration. We need to find models and insights that allow us to simplify.

         Value, simplicity, relevance.

         Finding the right people for guidance is so important.

         There are the fuzzies and the techies. Those who can bridge it are going to succeed. We can’t be either creative or tech saavy–we have to speak both.


Thursday, December 8th

Harker Hall, 8th Floor
5:30 pm           Reception

Colloquium Hall, 8th Floor

6:15 pm           Welcome and Introductions: Your Top 3 Challenges for 2012

6:45 pm           Session I:  Tackling Advertisers’ Challenges for 2012:  New Initiatives & Approaches

  1. Chuck Porter*, Chairman, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  2. Alan Hallberg, VP Global Brand Communications, Lenovo
  3. Claudia Lagunas, Marketing Director, Pepsico
  4. Rob Malcolm*, President of Marketing, Diageo (ret.)
  5. Michelle Taite, Associate Brand Development Manager, Unilever

Colloquium Room, 8th Floor

7:45 pm           Dinner and Discussion

8:45 pm           Thoughts and Observations from Dinner Discussions

9:30 pm           Adjourn


Friday, December 9th

Harker Hall, 8th Floor
8:00 am           Continental Breakfast

Colloquium Hall, 8th Floor
8:30 am           The Wharton Future of Advertising Program: Foundations and the Future
Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor, Professor of Marketing, Wharton
Catharine Findiesen Hays, Managing Director, Wharton Future of Advertising Program
Sam Lundquist, Associate Dean for External Affairs

9:00 am           The Latest Wharton Research Findings: Panel Discussion

Insights for Free: Using the Web for Customer Research
Professor Jonah Berger, James G. Campbell Assistant Professor of Marketing

Advances in Measuring the ROI of Advertising
Professor David Reibstein, The William Stewart Woodside Professor, Professor of Marketing

A Crowd-Sourced Answer to Online Advertising Effectiveness
Professor Eric Bradlow, The K.P. Chao Professor, Professor of Marketing, Statistics, and Education     

Rethinking Marketing and Advertising Research
Professor Jerry Wind, The Lauder Professor, Professor of Marketing

10:00 am         Break

10:30 am         Session II: Tackling Advertisers’ Challenges for 2012:  New Initiatives & Approaches

  1. Keith Blanchard, Executive Creative Director, Story Worldwide
  2. Stephen Kim*, Sr. Director Global Trade Marketing, Microsoft
  3. Jim Oliver*, SVP Advanced Analytics, Universal McCann
  4. Penry Price*, President, Media6Degrees
  5. Baba Shetty, Chief Strategy Officer, Hill Holiday
  6. Rishad Tobaccowala*, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Vivaki

Harker Hall, 8th Floor
12:00 pm         Lunch

Friday, December 9th (continued)

 Colloquium Hall, 8th Floor

1:00 pm           Session III: Tackling Advertisers’ Challenges for 2012:  New Initiatives & Approaches

  1. Doug Alexander*, President, ICG
  2. Celia Berk*, Chief Talent Officer, Young & Rubicam Group
  3. Michele Cerwin, President, HL Group
  4. Ed Keller*, CEO, The Keller Fay Group
  5. Karsten Koed*, CEO, Gorm Larsen & Zornig

2:15 pm           Break

2:30 pm           Session IV: Tackling Advertisers’ Challenges for 2012:  New Initiatives & Approaches

  1. Amihai Ulman, Chief Innovation & Research Officer, Mass Exchange
  2. Elise Neel, VP Marketing Solutions, comScore
  3. Max Kalehoff*, VP Marketing, Clickable
  4. Gary Reisman*, Principal and Co-Founder, NewMediaMetrics
  5. Bob Woodard, Executive VP for Advertising Effectiveness, the ARF

3:45 pm           Wrap Up

Participant Take Aways and Action Agenda for the Wharton FoA Program                                                           

4:00 pm           Adjourn


Additional Discussants

Todd Broms, CEO, Mass Exchange
Mike Donahue*, EVP, 4As
Morten Gad, Copywriter & Strategic Planner, Gorm Larsen & Zornig
Catherine Gardner, Managing Editor, the ARF
Denise Larson*, Principal and Co-Founder, NewMediaMetrics
Wonya Lucas, President and CEO, TV One
Mark Morris*, Former Chairman, Worldwide Client Director, Bates North America;
Senior Advisor, Wharton Future of Advertising Program
Andres Siefken*, VP Brand Strategy and Marketing, Daymon Worldwide

*Wharton Future of Advertising Program Global Advisory Board Member