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Marketing Matters CMO Spotlight: Talent Today - In the second edition of Marketing Matters’ monthly “CMO Spotlight,” WFoA Executive Director Catharine Hays and co-host Jenny Rooney, editor of Forbes CMO, explored the question…Read More »
Marketing Matters CMO Spotlight: Start-Up Mentality - On the most recent edition of Marketing Matters, WFoA Executive Director Catharine Hays welcomed back Jenny Roony, editor of Forbes CMO network, to co-host the show. Jenny, who…Read More »
“How To” With Havas Media on “Marketing Matters” - On Marketing Matters this week, the Wharton Future of Advertising leadership team—Executive Director Catharine Hays and Academic Director Professor Jerry Wind—talked to Havas Media, one of…Read More »
April Fools! “Marketing Matters” on the Humor in Advertising - This week on the April Fools edition of Marketing Matters, Catharine Hays and Jerry Wind hosted a special show, focused on humor in marketing. Guests with…Read More »
ANA Magazine on ‘The Case for Training’ - This month’s ANA Magazine includes an article titled ‘The Case for Training,’ which looks at the changing learning structure of the marketing workspace. As new jobs are…Read More »

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